Cinco Jotas (5J), Paleta de bellota (gesneden 80g)


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Acorn 100% Iberico Cinco Jotas shoulder cut by hand and presented in an individual envelope of 80 grams. The Cinco Jotas palette is synonymous with exquisiteness at the table. It has a more sweet and aromatic flavor than ham, capable of making the most select tasters fall in love. This palette will be the essential element of your kitchen and the queen of your appetizers.

This can be appreciated by each of the five senses: its warm touch when caught with the fingers, its juicy and unctuous texture when melted in the mouth, the long and intense aroma with acorn and thyme recollections and finally its incredible flavor, which It persists on the palate until long after it is finished.

The Maestro Jamonero or Master Ham Craftsman supervises each stage in the artisan production of Cinco Jotas ham, watching over it for days, months and even years with a critical eye, to achieve true "5J” quality. Once the hams have been cured, they go through a rigorous selection process to ensure that only the best pieces, which reach the most exquisite organoleptic standards and which offer unrivaled quality, are selected.

5J Ham has a lingering aroma and an incomparable taste and bouquet. When sliced, it has a uniform colour with myriad shiny streaks of accumulated fat. It is the most appreciated Spanish ham in the world.


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